Commercial Applications

We install high performing concrete floor coating systems in medical centers, labs, schools, kitchens, and more. We are proud to serve Florida as a leading commercial floor coatings provider. Our systems are engineered for demanding 24/7 environments. Performance Concrete Systems seamless flooring can fit any industry.

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage processing plants and commercial kitchens pose one of the harshest environments for floors. Thermal shock, steam, frequent cleanings, heavy traffic and corrosive products all cause damage to concrete. Your processing floor should be durable and contribute to the overall sanitation of the facility. Performance Concrete Systems specializes in the installation of Food & Beverage Grade Flooring solutions which are formulated to withstand the extreme conditions found in food and beverage processing facilities.

Our Food & Beverage Flooring system is designed for steam and hot water wash-downs, resistant to cleaning chemicals and impervious to animal fats, even under heavy-use conditions. It is:

  • Thermal Shock Resistant (hot water wash down, fryers, freezers, live steam, hot/cold cycling)
  • Chemical Resistant to acids, sugars and sanitation chemicals
  • Tough (fork lifts, pallets, carts)
  • Sanitary and Safe (USDA approved food grade flooring, slip resistant, odorless installation)

Retail & Office

Performance Concrete Systems flooring for office and retail spaces efficiently combine aesthetics and performance. A range of dyes, stains, decorative color chips, architectural sealers and color quartz flooring systems provide a variety of design possibilities while standing up to frequent traffic and other hazards typical of office and retail environments.

Restaurants & Hospitality

Specialty flooring systems for the restaurant and hospitality industry are highly durable, easy to clean, slip resistant and provide a wide range of creative possibilities. Performance Concrete Systems has a variety of indoor and outdoor systems offering various levels of abrasion, chemical and impact resistance, depending on project requirements.

Performance Concrete Systems color quartz systems, wall coatings and specially designed urethane mortars are ideal for commercial kitchens. They provide slip resistance and protection from harsh food acids and chemicals that can damage floors over time, while also offering an aesthetically pleasing surface.