Industrial Work

Our staff has more than 20 years of experience in aerospace manufacturing and repair operations. Our team has designed, and managed chemical and hazardous material storage areas and we understand the adverse impacts industrial materials can have on your facility and the environment. We specialize in quality high performing floor systems in harsh environments.

We Specialize In...


Battery Charging Areas

Provides protection to the concrete floor slab against sulfuric acid at 65% and up concentration, and at the same time providing abrasion, gouging and impact resistance, required for forklift truck use.


Wastewater Treatment Plants

Not only are wastewater treatment facilities exposed to constant moisture and temperature fluctuations but are also potentially impacted by sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, chlorine-based materials and other harsh chemicals.


Pit Lining

Unlike containment areas, pits hold chemical for long periods and require assurance that the installed lining protects against corrosion and leakage by chemicals held in them.


Spillage in Production Areas

Knowing the names of your production chemicals is not enough to provide the right flooring. Understanding the length of exposure, the temperature and the frequency of the spillage is vital to proper material choice.


Lining of Containment Areas

Containment linings are designed for short-term immersion exposure. (24 to 72 hours). See out EPA compliance link.


Trench Lining

Trenches generally have lower chemical concentration exposure but require added protection against the abrasive action of moving liquid. It is also important to understand the corrosive nature of the liquids at the surface line when the liquid is at rest in the trench.

Healthcare & Medical

Healthcare workers and patients rely on medical flooring that discourages bacteria. Commercial epoxy is an ideal solution for long-lasting sanitation and little upkeep. Our epoxy floor coating is made for assisted living centers, hospitals, and more.

Epoxy commercial flooring is well-suited to healthcare settings for many reasons.

  • Resists punctures
  • Stain resistant top coat
  • Slip-resistant, safe surface
  • Microbe and bacteria resistant
  • Easy to clean with no waxing needed
  • Seamless surface for strict hygiene standards
  • Resists cleaning chemicals, harsh disinfectants, and solvents

Epoxy can hold up well to heavy medical equipment, wheelchairs, and gurneys. It can also support 24/7-foot traffic. This high-performance flooring option will also stand up to harsh cleaning products.